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Over the years there have been a number of advancements in the calibration services industry. There are various types of calibration services including: pressure calibration, electrical calibration, mechanical calibration, temperature calibration and humidity calibration to name a few. Pressure calibration is a common type of calibration process which gas and hydraulic pressures are measures through barometers, analogue pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges, transmitters and more. Electrical calibration measures voltage current frequency and resistance. Electrical equipment involved with this style of calibration includes data loggers, loop testers, clamp meters, counter timers and more.

Mechanical calibration is used to measure a number of components including mass, force, torque, vibration, dimensional and other elements. Common equipment utilized in mechanical calibration are weight & mass sets, accelerometers, load cells, micrometers, force gauges and various other devices. Over time machines will typically loss performance and different elements will have negative effects on the machinery. Mechanical calibration is essential for not only readjusting the machines for correct accuracy but also is required to improve the overall performance of the machine.

In recent news there have been reports that the calibration services market is to grow significantly in the coming years. Across the globe more and more companies understand the importance of incorporating various calibrating services into their manufacturing processes. Consistent use of calibration services is important to not only find issues in the production steps but also can help reduce any downtime that may incur which in turn results in an increased output.

According to reports it is estimated that the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of the calibration services industry will grow 6.55 percent by 2018. With a growing number of requirements in nearly every sector of industry there is bound to be ramifications in various other industries such as calibration services. Newer legislations across the globe are requiring companies to maintain better facilities while producing higher quality products. Many industries are requiring stricter manufacturing protocols and which results in a demand for highly accurate measuring devices. Calibration services are ideal for a wide range of industries including Industrial Manufacturing, Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Power industries and much more.

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